Resellers need to look beyond the IoT hype, Pangea says

Resellers need to look beyond the IoT hype, Pangea says

Internet of Things (IoT) provider Pangea has urged resellers to invest in a b2b focused IoT strategy to drive new revenues out of existing customers.

MD Dan Cunliffe explained to Mobile that while the connected market is still new, resellers need to be ready with a plan and look outside consumer opportunities. He said that Pangea are currently working with their partner channel to help boost IoT education and identify new sources of revenue within enterprise.

Cunliffe believes that as the mobile market becomes increasingly saturated with products and services, there’s no point looking outwards. The best way to make money is to look closer to home at existing customers.

‘Our partners already have an existing business and an existing base but the problem is that the market is becoming saturated so they need to find new revenues from existing customers. The key difference with our partner channel is we help everyone understand where the wins will be rather than trying to find the killer app. That stuff works in consumer, when the hype is there everyone buys into it but you need to find different opportunities in b2b.

‘We work very closely with traditional mobile resellers and help them identify which of their existing partners they can get more revenue out of. The world of IoT is new and shiny and many of our partners don’t have an IoT strategy but they’re really keen to learn.’

Taking a targeted approach

Cunliffe explained that IoT has moved on from being a market which everyone was competing to break into. He said that rather than rush to create solutions, it is now about narrowing down routes into the market and educating resellers on how best to approach them. One way to do this, Cunliffe said, is to take advantage of a partner’s varied customer base.

‘Partners in the UK channel have a broad level of customers’, he said. ‘They may have people in health or retail and they have a good relationship structure already. So what we do is to give them a credible partner; Pangea. IoT isn’t in one sector it’s in every sector, you just need to find the applications.

‘The early days was very much about telling people how massive the market was then expecting them to deliver it but if you do that in any market you miss a bit of education. The industry expected them to do stuff they didn’t know how to do and the market moves so fast you can get a bit lost. From a consumer perspective we hear about the wonderful world of connected toasters but actually it’s very different in b2b, especially when you look at driving a return on investment and showing efficiency.’



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