Business apps boost confidence as SMB demand soars

Business apps boost confidence as SMB demand soars

Business apps are being increasingly used by small rural companies as 4G adoption drives new opportunities, Pure Telecom has told Mobile.

The unified comms dealer explained that while business apps were once considered a consumer fad, this trend is now changing as small firms take advantage. The O2 partner works with the network to offer a range of apps, which MD Matt Sandford said has shifted from being solely available to big companies.

He explained that the combination of 4G and market popularity dramatically dropped the price of apps, while government targets to roll out 4G coverage opened up new opportunities to SMBs.

‘People are storing so much more stuff now in the Cloud, and it’s making it easier for small business – they’re coming to us more for these business apps. They’re loving this because in the past it was only available to large companies and that changed because of the rollout of fibre and broadband.

O2 has placed a significant focus on delivering digital services, driving targets among its dealers as the demand for 4G grows. According to Sandford, the adoption of 4G and ease of access has done a lot to foster the confidence to use apps among businesses.

‘A lot of businesses are relying on apps to work smarter – if you go back a few years, apps were very much used to check prices at Tesco’s or to book tickets. Now there are some very clever innovative ideas that are coming to the market.

‘Everyone used to think apps were gimmicky, and it’s far more then that now, the rollout of super-fast broadband and 4G means that businesses have grown in confidence. They are looking at different products that rely on data speeds; this can be apps or hosted products and the Cloud.

‘4G is much more affordable, and there’s a lot of government pressure for networks to have a very good network coverage for 4G by the end of 2017, which will be fantastic for rural businesses. That’s one of the things where rural business will start to take off, where they can’t get physical cabling out to rural areas but there’s the ability to use 4G and apps. We have good business apps in our portfolio with O2 and they’re very good as value adds and making clients sticky.’




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