O2 franchisees drive new revenues with b2b play

O2 franchisees drive new revenues with b2b play

O2 is using franchisees to target small local businesses, claiming the fast-growing market holds huge opportunity.

Martin Jordan, head of franchise and store operations at the network, told Mobile that when it comes to new revenue streams, there is significant opportunity within the business sector. He explained that franchisees are ideally placed within local communities to obtain new small business customers, a part of the market that Jordan admitted is often forgotten about.

‘Business is a hugely growing market now, and those customers sometimes get forgotten,’he said, ‘but franchisees have the ability to do networking events and present O2 to them as a brand and talk about reasons to come to O2 to do business on a local level.

‘Franchisees have the ability to have conversations with business. Their role is to support the business element, and we’ve got about three to four franchisees that have specific employees there to manage the small business side.’

His comments were echoed by O2 franchisee Comms Plus, whose MD Steve Roberts, recently told Mobile that his store is ideally placed to act as a business hub. ‘As franchise evolves, it’s what we need to do to grow and to stay ahead of the curve. You need to be able to dazzle your business customers and put on the best events, and retain customers without any of those things being a distraction to the traditional shopper walking in through your door. This is all to do with mobile sales, but from a b2b perspective we’ve got the digital side of things covered.’

Describing the business market as one that is growing rapidly, O2’s Jordan explained that
the rise of digital services has enabled the network to offer new features that are specifically targeted for business use. This, he claimed, enables the brand to have broader conversations with new business customers. The network has recently launched a major drive to ramp up the digital services it offers, with dealers required to meet set targets.

According to Jordan, this makes all the difference: ‘In terms of revenue opportunities that are
around now that haven’t been there in the past, the growth of digital services and franchising
does very well in the business sectors. The introduction of digital services as well as other apps had made a major difference  whereas in the past you talked about handsets, now the
conversation is broader.


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