A1 Comms challenges rivals in new B2B brand launch

A1 Comms challenges rivals in new B2B brand launch

A1 Comms has slammed rivals for making unified comms too complicated, claiming it’s new B2B brand will offer a simple alternative.


Speaking to Mobile, MD Steve Fraser said that many of the current UC services currently available are offered as add on. He explained that these incur an additional costs and make it difficult for the business to figure out what UC solutions they actually need.


Calling out Gamma and Plan.com, Fraser explained that the launch of A1 Comms new B2B brand, Yodeko, will offer all inclusive unified comms packages to SMBs to simplify the market for them.


‘We looked at the market and it's quite complicated,’ he said, ‘people try and go out at a price point and add different things on top. Our brand includes UC solutions in one inclusive package at one price which is still better value than competitors. Two companies doing it now are Gamma and Plan.com, we looked at them and they’re a little complicated. We considered reselling them but we can do it better ourselves.’


Focusing predominantly on hosted solutions that work on top of a mobile proposition, Fraser explained that Yodeko will offer three-way calling, caller ID, call transfer and voice mail. He said this will all be managed through an online portal and in built into an app on the user's devices. He believes that hosted telephony is overlooked  by businesses, who feel it is much more complicated than mobile.


‘Our brand is very human and is slightly different to tech looking brands which are prevalent in market at the moment and it just makes it quite complicated. A lot of our customers are frightened of UC and have told us it’s daunting. They have done Gamma and Plan.com and we made our own solution to improve their commercials. Our offering includes more features as standard to compete. There needs to be more providers trying to make it simple

‘The market is missing simple. This happened 25 years ago when One2One launched and the reason them and Orange were successful was because they made it dead easy. That’s where the consumer market took off. Hosted telephony is not much different to mobile, it’s about having a compelling proposition that’s easy to deploy. People think it’s slightly out of their comfort zone, but people felt that with mobile 20 years ago. There weren’t many people selling mobile and then the market exploded and it's because we understood our customers and made it easy.’


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