Alcatel to take next b2b steps into services

Alcatel to take next b2b steps into services

Alcatel is planning to significantly scale up its b2b drive by moving into services, UK chief William Paterson told Mobile.

Describing the shift as ‘another box to be ticked’, Paterson said that the manufacturer needs to bring more to the market than just hardware. He explained that the manufacturer’s strong reputation in product now needs to be countered with a focus on adding on value through services.

‘Services is next on my list,’ he said. ‘We wanted to get into the market and be considered and we’re doing thatbut now we need to think about what other value we can bring. That’s the next box to be ticked. The market is changing and we need to be bringing more than just hardware.’

The brand made the move into b2b a year ago, fuelled by the significant opportunity Paterson saw in the market. He personally prioritised b2b, seeing it as a space where Alcatel was yet to have a foothold. At the time, he said that dealers would be crucial in entering the channel, with Alcatel successfully securing 100 dealer partners in 2016.

This strategy remains a key one for Paterson in the year ahead, and he said Alcatel is planning to use its broad product portfolio as an advantage in the channel.

‘Ultimately, the dealer is an important requirement,’ he said. ‘They have great commercials
they can work with and we need to provide breadth of product that’s also a great quality to allow them to build their own offering for their b2b customers. We’ve increased our channels and have attended a number of distributor and b2b dealer days to develop and grow relationships.

‘I wanted to increase our segment of that market and we’ve had a fantastic reaction. We bring a portfolio of products, from premium smartphones to tablets, that can go into one business. We simply talk to them about what our products are about and introduce the value in them. We provide a range of products, and that’s the position we can bring to the b2b dealer.’


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