Brexit reaction: Dealers claim skills & innovation will suffer

Brexit reaction: Dealers claim skills & innovation will suffer


Dealers have told Mobile that skills and services across the industry will take a hit after the UK voted to leave the European Union.


Unified comms dealer Aerial Comms said that the loss of skilled EU migrants will be a big blow for the business. Sales director Dave Stephens said: ‘Our business has definitely benefitted from migration’, he said.


‘Many of our engineers are from the EU and they bring exciting skills and have a better understanding of other networks so thats a win for us. Remaining in would definitely help us win business in more countries and that might not be the case if we stand alone.


‘The concern with a Brexit is the lack of control.The last recession lasted far longer for us because even after it ended no one was making any investments or buying. I’d hate to be an position of more uncertainty like that again.


Services to suffer?


Chess Partner Services MD John Pett explained to Mobile that areas of the market currently protected by European regulation will be overhauled by a Brexit. He said that this will include prices and competition, expressing fear that this could negatively impact innovation.


He said: ‘From the end-user perspective of the customers we serve, being in the EU is clearly beneficial. The centralised regulation of telecoms by the EU has helped reduce costs, allowed for greater flexibility, improved competition and delivered innovation. Leaving the EU makes the UK a less attractive proposition for overseas investors which could stifle innovation in UK telecoms.’


Pett’s comments were echoed by Maintel CEO Eddie Buxton, who told Mobile that having to negotiate new regulations and deals could put a strain a strain on the demand for services. He said that customers will be less likely to want to invest in the business.


‘Brexit would mean negotiating new trading relationships and implementing replacements for various EU legislative and regulatory regimes that currently operate in the UK. In this environment, I believe that our customers will be less likely to invest in large scale projects and decreased investment generally would lead to lower growth in the UK economy which would damage demand for our services.’


Reaping the rewards


According to unified comms dealer Excalibur, Brexit offers the business new opportunities to trade outside the UK. CEO James Phipps said: ‘If the right trade deals are struck then we could have a competitive edge to our European counterparts and this could increase investment into businesses like ours. We would then possibly look at trading internationally if we felt the climate was more competitive for us to do so.’


‘If we leave the EU we would expect for certain industries to be reviewing their investment in the UK but as we are operating in all sectors we would expect to see growth in some and decline in others.


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