Compare52 goes for retail with Tech Data Mobile team up

Compare52 goes for retail with Tech Data Mobile team up


Compare52 has teamed up with Tech Data Mobile to launch an airtime comparison platform that will specifically target retail.


The comparison business explained that its white-labelled platform will make it easier for retailers and resellers to sell airtime, a market which CEO Ashley Bailey claims holds huge opportunity.


Explaining how the platform will work, Bailey said that customers will be able to buy a mobile device and tariff in the same transaction. Before adding a smartphone to an online basket users can choose deals from Vodafone, EE, Virgin Media, TalkTalk Tesco Mobile, Three and O2, with the platform updating every 15 minutes.


‘Airtime is a massively growing market,’ he said, ‘there’s huge opportunity here and research shows this, especially now that SIM-free is on the same scale as prepay. Customers are looking for SIM-only now, margins are dropping in hardware and we’re aiming for the retail piece with this. That’s why we partnered with Tech Data Mobile, this goes hand in hand with what they are doing in terms of retail. Tech Data Mobile will be distributing the platform to its partners and this is a value added service for them.’


Bailey explained that the software will be sold to a number of high street retailers, taking advantage of Tech Data Mobile’s distribution partnerships within retail.


Simon Smale, Director of Business Development and Services at Tech Data Mobile, explained that the new platform will take away hassle for resellers when it comes to selling airtime. He stated: ‘Compare52 is a simple and elegant way to sell airtime, without all the complexity of setting up agreements with providers or any complex order processing.


‘That is all taken care of in the background. It makes sense for resellers and retailers to offer airtime contracts – for voice and data – alongside smartphones and mobile devices on their websites. It is a great way of providing additional value and boosting sales and profitability.’


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