Exertis’ new smart tech range looks to join up IoT dots

 Exertis’ new smart tech range looks to join up IoT dots


Exertis has expanded its smart tech range to include a number of security, health and utility products that can all connect to each other.


New additions to Exertis’ smart tech portfolio include thermostats, a 360 degree security camera that can also be used with virtual reality, as well as a number of WiFi alarm systems. The distributor will also stock a fitness tracker designed for swimmers, enabling real time stats to be viewed.


The distributor explained that while there is no end to new connected products, is it harder to find devices that are compatible with one another. This interoperability, Exertis claims, is what will help consumers make the most out of smart technology.


Rod Slater, Exertis head of Smart Tech, said: ‘With so many new products on the market, consumers need to be aware of which products are compatible with one another to make the most of the smart technology products that can add security, save on energy costs or enhance the décor and comfort of a home. Interoperability is a key selling point and retailers will gain increased customer satisfaction and sales by helping their customers understand and overcome this issue. Exertis is well positioned to address this with its wide portfolio and expertise in this area.’


Reseller advantage


Exertis has made a number of moves into the connected home market after launching its proposition in early 2016. The distributor has previously expressed confidence that it’s ‘exclusive’ partnerships within the smart home market will give its resellers an advantage.


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