Onecom acquires rival in multi-million pound purchase

Onecom acquires rival in multi-million pound purchase

Onecom has acquired rival Vodafone partner Evolve in a multi-million pound transaction.

The deal, finalised on July 29th, will see two of Vodafone’s biggest b2b partners merge. The buyout marks the largest in Onecom’s history with the company to add 65,000 Vodafone business connections to its current portfolio, bringing their total number up to 300,000.

CEO Darren Ridges recently explained to Mobile the importance of channelling investment back into his business and expand services. He warned that this would be crucial as networks redefine partner terms, stating that those who ramp up their capabilities will be the ones that continue to compete.

‘Businesses that have invested in growing themselves will succeed,’ he said. ‘Those who didn’t really have the capabilities were able to compete as network partners but now the definition is changing. Some of them haven’t even got any fixed line services and are just selling pure mobile. They will have to either step up or step out.’

Economic advantage

Onecom has placed particular focus on expanding its unified comms services. Evolve is expected to add to this with mobile, fixed line, data and IT services all offered as one package. Ridge believes that this is an advantageous time for Onecom, claiming that unstable economic conditions can boost business.

‘The good thing about a downturn in the market is that people generally move more towards tech and telecoms, especially in times when businesses want to cut purse strings’, he said. ‘Companies want to find ways to be more efficient and look to work with one provider that offers many services. This works out well for the ones already prepared in the market and who have the capability to offer lots of services.’






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