O2 sees digital services soar as investment pays off

O2 sees digital services soar as investment pays off

O2’s investment into digital services is beginning to yield results after the network’s Q2 results revealed 350,000 monthly customers were paying for its digital application suite.

According to O2 dealers, this is an area of the business the network has been keen to grow. Themobile brand has set its partners a number of digital targets as part of its plan to become a digitalspecialist, offering b2b customers access to software and apps.

Speaking to Mobile earlier this year, Pure Telecom said that the use of business apps has done a lotto make b2b customers more confident. O2 business director Ben Dowd believes that thisconfidence is crucial to boosting the UK economy.

Commenting on the network’s business results, he said: ‘We support small and large, private andpublic sector organisations in equal measures because digital confidence and competence isfundamental to the success of the UK economy. Because of this we have continued to see growth inQ2 with account wins including Mercedes Benz, Admiral, Kier Group, Carter Thermal Industries,Marie Curie and Sussex Police.

‘Our ambition is to create a truly digital Britain, where start-ups, SMBs, enterprises and the publicsector use technology and connectivity to supercharge productivity, innovation and growth. I’m verypleased and proud that the O2 team has continued to perform strongly and we now have over 350thousand customers paying for our suite of digital applications every month.’


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