Exertis motivates dealers to secure smart tech sales

Exertis motivates dealers to secure smart tech sales

Exertis has urged dealers to take advantage of the smart tech market by ramping up investment and training.

Head of smart tech Rod Slater told Mobile that when it comes to the Internet of Things (IoT) there’shuge value in being first to market. He said that while it is too early to put products on shelves,dealers need to be ready.

Slater said: ‘It’s probably still a bit early for dealers to attempt casual engagement (popping productson shelves). Smart Tech needs an informed, motivated sales team to maximise the opportunity, andthis requires training and investment at this early stage.

‘There’s value in being first; we are fast approaching the tipping point where the early niche statusof smart tech reaches the mass market, driven by manufacturers’ marketing, growth in availability ofproducts through major retailers, and an understanding of the interoperability of these products.’

The distributor has placed particular focus on driving IoT investment since it launched a smart homerange last year. Most recently, the business turned its focus towards interoperability platforms andconnecting up all of its smart devices.

For Slater, the crucial factor with these platforms is that it makes building a smart home easy, withmultiple products able to be connected around this one main hub. Ease of use has so far been amajor stumbling block for consumer adoption of IoT, but with major brands investing ininteroperability platforms, Slater expects this to change.

‘Interoperability using platforms such as Works with Nest and Amazon Echo are key ‘hubs’ aroundwhich a Smart Tech home can easily be built,’ he said. ‘These companies have developed well-branded propositions that have demystified interoperability by working directly with similar-mindedmanufacturers to ensure seamless and painless integration with existing Smart Tech products thatmany consumers may already have.

‘The growth curve is solid and we will see more engagement from dealers and specialists as themarket develops, with important product releases such as Amazon Echo, which brings Smart Homevoice activation to the mass market. It’s this growing range of interoperable products associatedwith major brands that will drive the next purchase for many smart tech customers.’


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