Dealers predict the Note 7 will ‘steal a march’ on Apple

Dealers predict the Note 7 will ‘steal a march’ on Apple

Industry dealers predict that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will ‘steal a march’ on Apple, and expects business users to swap iOS for Android.

Demand for Samsung’s latest device is expected to surge among b2b sector customers due to thefact that the manufacturer’s previous Galaxy Note 5 handset failed to get a European release.

According to The One Point, businesses are relying more and more on the use of applications, manyof which are cheaper and faster to run on Samsung’s OS. Speaking to Mobile, MD Martin Lauer saidthis will give Samsung the advantage ahead of Apple’s iPhone 7 launch, and predicted some iOSbusiness users would choose to switch to Android.

‘I think with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 launching prior to the iPhone 7, it will inevitably “steal amarch”,’ Lauer said. ‘Also, thanks to the fact that many businesses rely on Android apps, as they arecheaper and faster to launch, I feel that this high-end device could nudge some high-end iPhoneusers to swap.’

A1 Comms has expressed confidence that the Note 7 will be one of its best-selling devices this year.Speaking to Mobile, MD Steve Fraser explained that the market’s lengthy wait for a Note devicemeans a number of its customers will be waiting to upgrade.

‘The fact that Note 5 didn’t come to the UK makes it even more exciting, as we expect there to becustomers waiting to upgrade either their Note 3 or Note 4,’ he said. ‘The spec makes it the besthandset in the market and we expect it to be one of our top sellers for the rest of 2016 and beyond.We know the Note 7 will be of great appeal to both our b2b and consumer customers.’

His comments were echoed by Aerial Business Communications, which also predicted strongdemand for the new device, particularly within engineering, architecture and creative industries. Forsales director Dave Stephens, this would be fuelled by the Note 7’s security features.

‘Business owners can be assured that their company data is protected, as Samsung has takensecurity to a whole new level with the Galaxy Note 7,’ he said. ‘The smartphone’s new irisbscanner feature, plus the Samsung Knox defence-grade security platform, which comes builtin to all of their devices, keeps sensitive information safe.’



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