Olive Comms: Apple’s halo wearing thin

Olive Comms: Apple’s halo wearing thin

UK mobile, cloud, IT and connectivity provider Olive Communications have reported that Apple’s ‘halo effect’ –brand loyalty due to legacy use, is fading due to the company’s premium prices.


The company’s Mobile Support team member, Louis Acquah wrote, ‘Apple’s longevity in the smartphone market has led to a certain loyalty to the brand.   However as the company searches for the next paradigm breakthrough in mobile handset technology, some consumers consider the Apple price premium is not one they want to pay anymore.’


The UK has traditionally been one of the strongest iOS markets in the world, though Android’s market share has been steadily increasing to 48.7% as of July 2016, though a lot of this was presumed to come from the demise of Blackberry and Windows.


Explaining how Olive provides advice and support in helping companies to switch operating systems, Acquah described some of the issues companies can face stating, ‘When looking at a new device, consumers want to match the brand with tablets and laptops for easier syncing – especially for remote workers who need to seamlessly sync with company systems. Many consumers are turning to apps to communicate, avoiding signal services and using web-based/social media systems for data usage, which has been reflected in the shift to prioritising more data over voice and SMS.’


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