Vodafone - End of the line rental charge for small businesses

Vodafone - End of the line rental charge for small businesses

Businesses taking out new Vodafone broadband plans will now have costs such as line rental bundled into the monthly cost, in keeping with new guidelines produced by the Advertising Standards Authority.


New ‘Essentials’ and ‘Premium’ Vodafone broadband and phone packages will no longer list the line rental charges separately and also feature one monthly price for each service.


The new ASA guidelines were brought into effect in October 2016 and state that companies should ‘Show all-inclusive up-front and monthly costs; no more separating out line rental’, ‘Give greater prominence to the contract length and any post-discount pricing’ and also ‘Give greater prominence to up-front costs (such as delivery fee, activation fee, installation fee).’


ASA’s CEO Guy Parker previously explained the reasoning behind the guideline change stating, ‘Broadband is a service we all take for granted. That’s why some people can get frustrated when they sign-up to a package after seeing an ad, only to find their bills are higher than expected.


‘Our research found people are likely to be confused and misled by the fixed broadband price claims in ads they see and we’ve responded by tightening our approach. From today, we expect to see a change in how broadband providers advertise their prices. The effect should be a real positive difference in how consumers understand and engage with ads for broadband services.’


Vodafone Business director Maria Fernandez, commented on the pricing change stating, ‘We know our customers depend on us to stay connected, and with our new plans we are making it even easier for them to select and benefit from innovative, competitive and clearly priced phone and broadband connectivity, with no additional line rental or hidden charges.’


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