Regional sales manager quits Mainline

Regional sales manager quits Mainline

Regional sales manager Colin McAlpine has become the latest staff member to leave the Orange distributor Mainline Digital Communications.

A spokeswoman for the company declined to discuss the reasons behind McAlpine’s departure but said interviews are under way to fill the vacant position.

She added: ‘Mainline wishes to replace Colin with a professional and hard-working sales manager, with a broader range of experience then just the mobile industry.’

The ‘broader range of experience’ statement echoes the one made by the company when regional sales manager Allan Love quit last month after only three months in the role.

In January, as well as Love’s resignation, the company revealed that it would be closing six retail outlets operating under their m-viron brand 

Managing director Andrew Boden said the closures were made because the amount of
 senior management time spent on the retail operation was disproportionate to the amount of return it produced. 

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