Unique Distribution staff suffer pay delays

Unique Distribution staff suffer pay delays

Staff at Unique Distribution have suffered pay delays, as the company faces being locked out of its premises for the second week running. 

Staff who were meant to be paid on Friday have had to wait until today, according to sales boss Jolyon Bennett. 

‘They have been paid. Basically, it was late but they are being paid. I think it’s all gone through today.’ Bennett said. 

Speaking to Mobile on Monday, commercial director David Hinc said: ‘Staff payments have gone through, certainly. To all intents and purposes it’s business as usual.’ 

Customers, suppliers and employees have all described a very different picture, with many anxious about the short-term future. 

Hinc added: ‘All account managers are talking to our customers. It’s far from ideal, but at the moment we’ve got to focus on getting our business back on its feet.’ 

The closure of Unique’s Hayes site has been blamed on the recently discharged accountants placed in charge of the distributor by HMRC. 

Parent company IGB has been blocked from buying or sell any assets by Customs (HMRC) until pending tax investigations have been resolved. 

Hinc said those restrictions were not applied to Unique, but wouldn’t comment on parent company IGB, which drafted in the services of high profile VAT lawyer Hassan Khan in recent weeks. 

Staff have been locked out since Monday 25 February due to the lack of a completion certificate for the building, which compromised the firm’s employer’s liability certificate, according to Hinc. 

Bennett said he hoped staff would be allowed back into the building 'very soon'.

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