Unique staff say their pay is still outstanding

Unique staff say their pay is still outstanding

Unique Distribution staff have reacted angrily to management’s claims that their overdue pay has been processed. 

Staff have contacted Mobile to say that their pay is now one week late, and that no-one from Unique has told them when they will be paid, or when they will be allowed to go back to work. 

Unique’s premises in Hayes and Oxfordshire have been shut for two weeks now. 

One staffer said: ‘Nobody has been paid at all. I’ve spoken to 20 employees and none have been paid. All I want is my one month’s wages. 

‘We’ve been told nothing. There’s no communication whatsoever. Staff are talking about going to the Citizens Advice Bureau and about going to an employment tribunal. ‘ 

And he added that 17 members of staff had collectively signed a protest letter. 

‘The grievance letter is being sent out today. It’s being sent to Unique’s offices in Hayes and to [parent company] IGB’s office in Dubai,’ he said. 

Another staff member who contacted Mobile today, said: ‘Its all a bunch of lies, we haven’t been paid. We’ve heard nothing at all, and we don’t know if we’re ever going back. 

Sales boss Joe Bennett said that the reason for the delay was due to the pay being processed manually. 

He said: ‘If they’ve not been paid yesterday, they’ll be paid today. All my staff have had that communicated to them.’ 

No-one from IGB was available for comment.

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