Double blunder for Kondor as personal data sent out

Double blunder for Kondor as personal data sent out

Kondor could be in trouble with the Government data protection watchdog after it accidentally sent customers’ personal email addresses to other customers.

The error came after the accessories distributor mistakenly listed a number of products as costing ‘£0.00’ on the website which it administers for the 3G network.

Kondor tried to clear up the mistake by emailing the customers to tell them that the items were listed as costing nothing due to a ‘technical error’, and they would have to pay full price for the accessories.

But instead of putting the email addresses in the blind carbon copy field, all of the email addresses were displayed, with some customers claiming that as many as 650 addresses were included.

Kondor followed up its original email with another to apologise for the ‘clerical error’, and to offer compensation of a free charger or 15% off their next order.

Angry customers have posted on a number of consumer forums complaining about the incident, with some threatening to take their grievance to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

A spokeswoman said: ‘Companies have an obligation to hold information securely. It might not be bank records, but email addresses still constitute personal information.’

A spokesman for 3 said: ‘A clerical error was made by our online accessories partner. We have apologised to those concerned and put in steps to prevent a similar error occurring again.’

Kondor declined to comment.

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