Woolworths wins legal battle against Daleri Ltd

Woolworths wins legal battle against Daleri Ltd

Woolworths has won what is believed to be a £1m court battle against Daleri Ltd, after a legal row relating to the collapse of the former Unique Distribution over two years ago.

Daleri, the company created by Unique’s administrators, failed at the High Court last week after trying to recover money it believes it is owed by Woolworths.

Woolworths is understood to have had claims on hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of stock that it argues Unique Distribution was holding on its behalf and didn’t return when it went under.

Kroll, Unique’s administrators, argued that the stock in question had already been delivered to its intended recipients and therefore it was owed money; however, judges at the High Court ruled in favour of Woolworths after a lengthy legal battle.

A spokeswoman for Woolworths said: ‘We can confirm that there was a court hearing between Woolworths and Daleri Ltd.

‘The court rule was in favour of Woolworths. We now consider the matter to be closed.’

Daleri, previously named ‘Unique Distribution Limited’, was set up by administrator Kroll shortly after it took over the ‘old Unique’, when it collapsed after cashflow problems in March 2005.

Kroll changed Unique’s name because it is completely unrelated to the current distribution company Unique Distribution.

Kroll hoped the case would not go to court as it has significantly increased the cost to the administrators.

Daleri and Kroll were unavailable for comment.

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