Avenir ends relationship with T-Mobile

Avenir ends relationship with T-Mobile
Avenir has dropped T-Mobile in what it says is a bid to concentrate on business-to-business with other operators.

The distributor’s relationship with other operators will remain the same say Avenir. Its partnership with T-Mobile will officially end on 31 March.

New Avenir managing director Andy Tow said: ‘Following a thorough strategic review, not only of our relationship with T-Mobile but across all levels of the business, we feel that 2009 should see all of our efforts placed squarely on top-tier, business-to- business telecoms and airtime provision.’ He added: ‘With this in mind, we have decided to cease our existing relationship with T- Mobile, which will allow us to focus our energies even further on our relationships with other operators.’

It is the first major change under Avenir’s new managing director, Andy Tow has made since being joining the company in December last year. He said: ‘Avenir is the dictionary definition of an industry leader and is well known for taking bold steps.’

The official end of the partnership in March means Avenir will not support T-Mobile’s change to a revenue share system, set to start in April this year.

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