O2 relaxes ‘no poaching’ rule in indirect rulebook

O2 relaxes ‘no poaching’ rule in indirect rulebook
O2 has relaxed a rule brought in with revenue share that shut out dealers from upgrading customers initially connected by O2 direct.

The rule was brought in as part of the new revenue share model last October and was intended to stop dealers poaching customers connected through O2’s direct channels and vice versa.

Dealers said there were instances where they were blocked from upgrades of customers they had previously connected but had been latterly poached by O2’s direct sales business.

New rules allow dealers to upgrade customers from other channels as long as they provide a legitimate case.

A spokeswoman for O2 said: ‘On a case by case basis, we will consider the transfer of a customer to another Partner if an existing relationship exists.’

A distributor source said: ‘Softening [of the rules] has given the dealers an opportunity to engage with customers. It gives the customer the freedom to choose. It’s a responsible change by O2 and reflects the dealers’ importance in the marketplace.’

O2’s revenue share model came into play in October last year and with it, a new rulebook. The new rules were criticised by many in indirect for being too stringent.

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