Avenir places court injunction against Tanny Price

Avenir places court injunction against Tanny Price

Avenir has applied a court injunction against its former managing director, Tanny Price, and former client services chief, Toby Wickenden, to prevent them from working in their new roles at Vodafone.

The injunction was granted by a court last month, resulting in Avenir successfully blocking Price and Wickenden from working while the matter is pending.

Avenir is also pursuing a large compensation claim specifically against Price, linking her move to Vodafone and the termination of its Avenir distribution account in February.

The distributor is believed to be seeking compensation for an estimated loss of earnings from losing Vodafone. It is also seeking to remove Price from the operator’s business.

Vodafone is challenging a number of the claims.

Price joined the network in January this year as head of distribution in its enterprise business, but Vodafone is arguing that the plan to exit from Avenir was on course for several months prior to Price’s arrival.

Both sides are preparing their cases, and will return to the courts for a resolution in the coming weeks.

The issue is believed to have been pursued by Avenir’s UK managing director, Andy Tow, (pictured) and group chairman and CEO, Jean-Daniel Beurnier.

Vodafone cut off Avenir as it looked to move its distribution business, Yes Telecom, to the centre of its indirect operation.

The injunction has left the network temporarily without its head of distribution. Price is understood to have been operating out of Yes Telecom’s Manchester offices prior to the injunction.

Meanwhile, Avenir is shaping a new plan between Tow and Beurnier based on ‘developing new business around telecoms’, according to one senior source.

Beurnier and Tow declined to comment.

A Vodafone spokesman said: ‘We can confirm that we are in discussions with Avenir. We are unable to comment further.’

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