Fone Logistics and EBS target Advantage’s dealers

Fone Logistics and EBS target Advantage’s dealers

Fone Logistics and EBS are the two distributors targeting the 30 or so dealers who previously used Advantage Cellular for airtime.

Both airtime distributors previously competed with Advantage for dealers who connect 3, and have started contacting dealers and negotiating terms.

The most prized dealers up for grabs include some call centre dealers in south Wales, who require a distributor to carry out handset fulfilment and credit checking services. EBS and Fone Logisitics are the only distributors to operate such services, ever since Dextra airtime was removed from the market after it was acquired by Fone Logistics and Hugh Symons scrapped its sister company, Vanilla Mobile.

Advantage had connected around 4,000 3 contract sales per month through its dealers. 3, meanwhile, is still trying to recover an undisclosed sum it believes it is owed from Advantage.

Both EBS and Fone Logistics declined to officially comment, but said they were contacting the dealers. They cautioned that they would also be carrying out their own research on the dealers and call centres to ensure they didn’t pose too significant a clawback risk if they signed them up.

Advantage formally fell into administration last Friday (20 March), with the administrators announcing the news to the 30 staff at the Didcot offices.

Administrators Smith and Williamson also delivered the news that there was no redundancy pay or wages for March.

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