Dealers: We are concerned about instability at Yes Telecom

Dealers: We are concerned about instability at Yes Telecom

Dealers are concerned about what appears to be a lack of continuity and direction and bemoaned a loss of talent at Vodafone’s Yes Telecom.

Yes Telecom’s sales and marketing chief, Simon Howitt, and fellow directors; commercial and finance director, Kevin Wakeley and IT operations director Ray Bell quit the service provider after the changes when Price joined in February.

The three had already taken on the role of respected managing director and founder Keith Curran, who left in January 2008 to join Vodafone.

Yes Telecom’s head of indirect sales, Dale Parkinson, who has now had Price’s responsibilities added to his role, has called several dealers after yesterday’s announcement.

Yes Telecom notified its dealers yesterday (5 May) that Vodafone and Avenir had reached an ‘agreement’ over the termination of their distribution partnership, in an email statement.

Some were critical of Yes Telecom’s management changes in recent months. One dealer said: ‘‘There are plenty of able people in Yes that haven’t been recognised. When Keith Curran left, the old ethic of Yes left with him.’

He added: ‘The usual measurement about whether it’s good or bad comes through dealers. There are new people involved that don’t know how to handle dealers.’

Meanwhile, many were disappointed by Price’s exit, saying: ‘Tanny was going to be leading the fight for the small business dealer, it’s a shame.’

However, some dealers – of which many had received little or no information about Yes Telecom between Price’s appointment and yesterday’s email – remained positive about Yes Telecom, with one adding: ‘At the moment, Yes is good to work with.’

Another dealer added: ‘Yes Telecom is keeping into contact with us – no changes really, no complete and utter change of direction – at the end of the day you can only do Vodafone through them now really.’

Avenir’s internal system ‘went to pot’ after Price left to join Yes Telecom, according to a dealer source.

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