Vodafone and Data Select form exclusive partnership

Vodafone and Data Select form exclusive partnership


Vodafone has partnered with Data Select in an exclusive deal for distribution of all of the network’s stock to the indirect channel. The deal will into effect on 18 May.


The network previously dealt with its own distribution, but now dealers wishing to buy Vodafone devices must go through Data Select.


The deal hands over specialised customer support functions such as full product tracking, returns and account management to the distributor. The stock includes multi-manufacturer devices flashed with Vodafone software as well as Vodafone own-branded devices.


Data Select already has an IT partnership with the network – the distributor is involved with the logistical management of stock from Vodafone’s online sales.


The distributor acquired a new high capacity warehouse in August last year, in anticipation of winning larger contracts.


A Vodafone spokeswoman said: ‘The new arrangement with Data Select is all part of making it easier for dealers to deal with Vodafone.


‘Now they will be able to get Vodafone branded devices and all other device stock direct from Data Select with dedicated support. This makes their supply chain quicker and easier.’


One distributor said: ‘Everyone is trying to do these kinds of deals at the moment; for distributors it’s about raising the sales value per customer this kind of deal does it.’


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