Nokia partners Regenersis as part of Ovi push

Nokia partners Regenersis as part of Ovi push
Regenersis and JV Facility have won contracts to provide support functions to Nokia’s Care points as the manufacturer launches a new scheme to promote Ovi through its Care points.

Nokia has partnered service centres Regenersis in the UK and JV Facility in Ireland for support functions for its repair, or ‘Care’, centres (NCPs).

Regenersis will provide support functions to around 140 UK NCPs, as the manufacturer launches a number of initiatives to promote its internet services through the Care points.

Regenersis already provides warranty and repair service support functions to around half of the NCPs, a responsibility it shares with service centre NSH. However, Regenersis will now take on support functions the entire 140 care points for Nokia’s new push on services

Nokia said it would continue its business relationship with NSH for warranty and repair services.

Mobile reported earlier this month that Nokia had embarked on a trial with 15 NCPs to sell Ovi store applications and services to customers. The pilot sees NCPs incentivised to sell the services with a commission per sale.

The manufacturer will also promote Ovi store with ‘Care Wallets’ through the NCPs. The Ovi sponsored wallet will promote services that integrate with the standard Nokia Care Point repair processes.

A customer who requires a repair on their handset is given a wallet where they can keep their 'Care' documents (receipt, repair information, care point details etc), a pouch for their vital items (eg those not taken into repair process, such as Sim and memory card), as well as a free of charge Ovi Maps trial.

A Nokia spokeswoman said: ‘As we transform into an internet services company our focus is on our consumers and our relationship with them as a result the mindset we have is “Care” not just repair.’

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