O2 offers fixed product as an add-on to mobile dealers

O2 offers fixed product as an add-on to mobile dealers

O2 is offering its new ‘fixed number anywhere’ to dealers as an add-on for customers, and will sell the service through a revenue share scheme.

Dealers have welcomed the service, which has been renamed ‘mobile landline’, and is due for release on 28 August.

The product allows small businesses to take incoming landline calls directly on a mobile phone.

Companies can keep their existing BT telephone number or choose from a new one with a local geographical or free phone code. Up to five landline numbers can be linked to the same mobile phone.

Businesses bringing an existing BT 01 or 02 landline number to O2 will receive the service for free when they take a new mobile connection. The service is available at a fixed price of £10 per month for 01 or 02 landline numbers and £15 per month for 0808 free phone numbers.

O2 has told dealers the new product will work as a revenue share scheme. One dealer said: ‘It’s an ongoing revenue stream – if customers pay a fee we will get a percentage of that.’

The dealer added: ‘You can add this on to any O2 tariff. I think it’s really clever – a good little niche product.’

Another dealer said: ‘It will promote mobile usage so we should see revenues going up.’

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