HSC ‘tech support’ tours UK

HSC ‘tech support’ tours UK

HSC has implemented a number of new support systems for its dealers including ‘bespoke training’ for members of its VIP dealer club. 

The distributor launched the exclusive club with 30 members in June and is now sending senior technical consultant Antony Board around the country to provide training sessions for members.

Board started visiting dealers mid-August and will continue for the next few weeks. 

The distributor is hoping to entice more dealers to the VIP club by offering them training in areas they are keen to learn about. 

Board said the support and training that he is able to offer is the ‘starting point for dealers in convergence, and it is crucial to support them’.

He added: ‘Each VIP dealer is at a different level and the VIP training is customised and tailored to move them onto the next step.’

HSC has also launched an online portal that allows dealers real time access to the support.  

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