New T-Mobile business tariff backlash

New T-Mobile business tariff backlash

Independent dealers have complained of being ‘overlooked’ by T-Mobile, as the network launched a new business tariff through its direct channels last week.

The new tariff gives smaller businesses unlimited calls and texts for £30 per month, ‘severely undercutting’ independent dealers.

The time limited offer has angered some dealers, who believe that T-Mobile has launched a tariff they can’t compete with, despite claims from the network that it is investing in the b2b channel. 

Some dealers have now threatened to connect customers to other networks to avoid giving business to T-Mobile.

One dealer said: ‘For us to do an equivalent offer, it would be in the region of £90 per month. T-Mobile will feel the effects when dealers react by connecting customers to the other networks.’ 

Another added: ‘The targets that T-Mobile sets for its dealers will be harder to reach. We are expected to do at least five connections per month and upgrades count as new connections, but dealers will struggle if customers go direct.’

Another dealer said he had been told the tariff ‘might become available
through the indirect channel but T-Mobile hadn’t decided yet’.

Meanwhile, T-Mobile dealers claimed the company had told them they will lose their dealer code if they do not reach the allocated target of five connections per month.

T-Mobile’s head of business marketing, Oliver Chivers, said: ‘Business Unlimited is a time limited offer that we are trialling. If it is successful then it is likely to be introduced through all channels in the new year.’

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