C2-UK secures patent on new technology

C2-UK secures patent on new technology

B2b dealer C2-UK has secured exclusive UK patent rights on new infrared communications technology.

The Iridium system allows users to make calls and transfer data using infrared technology that is transmitted between satellites.

The dealer, which works with all the networks, secured the rights on the patent earlier in 2009 and is hoping to offer the service to customers on a wider scale early next year.

The Iridium system operates in a similar way to VoIP, but through satellites.

The company has been trialling the technology with a partner for the last
four months.

The infrared service can be used between sites up to 20 miles apart, as long as they are in line of sight.

C2-UK marketing director David Jones said: ‘We will sell the infrared service by looking at customers bills and working out their average spending.  

‘We will promise to cut the cost of their expenditure by up to 40%, if a customer agrees to have satellites installed and sign up to a three year contract.’

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