Avenir launches new retention scheme, 'Talking Partners'

Avenir launches new retention scheme, 'Talking Partners'

Avenir is launching a new programme with a range of initiatives as it looks to bring its dealers closer and retain them for longer.

The new scheme, called ‘Talking Partners’, will go live in November. It will offer support to all of Avenir’s dealer partners in four key areas that it has identified after several months of consultation.  

The airtime distributor is hoping the creation of a new scheme will increase the amount of business passed onto the company.  

Avenir MD Andy Tow said: ‘We are hoping to engage dealers much more closely and will be working with partners across the board, as the scheme will be available to everyone.

‘The inspiration behind the plan was to make sure we are absolutely consistent with partners. We want to make benefits equally available to everyone and hope that this will encourage dealers to come back again.’
‘Support’ areas include marketing support, customer service support, an online tool kit and financial support.  

In a separate move, the distributor is changing the basis of ongoing revenue payments made to dealers connecting O2.

The advanced revenue structure will mean dealer payments are based on the
value of line rental and any additional bolt-ons, rather than an estimated £40 per month ARPU.

Tow said: ‘We will be looking at the actual value of the line and there can only be an up side to that, because there can’t be a clawback.’

One Avenir dealer agreed, and said: ‘It is a much better idea because it protects us from clawbacks.’

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