Vodafone's Yes Telecom begins restructure

Vodafone's Yes Telecom begins restructure

Details of Vodafone’s restructuring of Yes Telecom are starting to emerge, with industry sources saying that a rebranding is expected to take place.

Yes Telecom is likely to change its name and adopt the brand ‘Vodafone Distribution’, according to sources close to the network’s distribution arm.

Dealers have been informed that the annual forum, which usually takes place around Christmas, will be stopped and will be replaced with smaller business meetings. 

One dealer said: ‘The forums used to run twice a year at one point, but they are not going to be doing that anymore and are now running strategic business meetings with key business partners.’

Another said: ‘They have been talking about restructuring for quite a long time and getting closer to Vodafone. It is easier from a dealer’s point of view if they get closer.’

A Vodafone spokesperson said: ‘We will be holding smaller, more regionally focused events because we have been asked to do things differently.’

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