20:20 Mobile targets four new contracts after retaining BT

20:20 Mobile targets four new contracts after retaining BT

20:20 Mobile is pursuing an aggressive strategy for new contracts after retaining BT last week.

The company claimed it now holds 50% market share after securing ‘one of the biggest deals in distribution’. It has held the BT contract for five years but had to re-tender it around nine months ago.

The three year contract to supply handsets, accessories and logistics services means the distributor is responsible for fulfilling all orders for BT Mobile’s business sales channels.

20:20 purchasing and marketing director Andrew Peat said: ‘All the major players were bidding for it - it’s one of the biggest deals in distribution. It’s a contract we had for a long time and everyone worked hard to try and get it. It is a significant part of our revenue.’

20:20 is now chasing as many contractual customers as it can – with more to be announced.

Peat said the distributor had targeted four key contracts this year. He added: ‘20:20 has got 50% of the distribution market and we are continually attacking contracts. We have kept all of ours, so now we are going after other people’s.’

More contracts are in process at the moment, said Peat, and added: ‘The
aim is to move the 50% share forward – if we can maintain that we would
be happy.’

Meanwhile, 20:20 is trialling Bluetooth technology in retail stores following the launch of a new range of ‘Smart’ Bluetooth broadcasting solutions. These send communications to mobile phone users who have opted in to receive specifically tailored Bluetooth messages.

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