Dealers bemoan HTC P6500 loss after production stopped

Dealers bemoan HTC P6500 loss after production stopped

HTC has stopped production of the P6500, causing problems for dealers.

The handset is aimed at business customers and marketed as the ‘perfect mobile enterprise partner’.

One dealer said: ‘There is a particular need for the HTC P6500 because customers buy it regularly. HTC has stopped production without telling us.’

Another added: ‘It doesn’t make sense because it is an expensive phone and it was selling well. We have exhausted all our routes and can’t find any.’

The Windows Mobile device allows small businesses to send information to employees.

Another dealer said: ‘It was very attractive to SMEs who wanted to send out job sheets.’

An HTC spokesperson said: ‘I can confirm that HTC will soon end the production of the P6500 due to changes in a key supplier’s production plans. The final models will be shipped in December 2009.’

‘In this circumstance, we communicated the changes with distributors as early as possible to minimise any possible disruption to their business.’

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