Dealers: O2 Mobile Landline product did not sell well

Dealers: O2 Mobile Landline product did not sell well

Dealers were unconcerned by the suspension of O2's Mobile Landline this week after the Go Hello platform collapsed.

O2 informed relevant partners that it had temporarily suspended Mobile Landline via email on 21 January.

The email said: 'Due to the uncertainty regarding one of the current suppliers of the service, we've made the tough decision to temporarily suspend Mobile Landline sales.'

Dealers were selling the product, which allowed customers to divert their landline to their mobile, as part of O2's converged package, 'Joined Up'.

However, dealers told Mobile that the product had not been selling very well. One dealer said: 'We had done one or two contracts, and I am sure O2 will re-establish the service.'

Another added: 'It was a good product, but from my perspective it was not selling that well. We were about to start ramping up the volume.'

However, another dealer said: 'It was a great little product and there was nothing like it on the market. I imagine that when it comes back it will be a good seller.'

O2 asked distributors selling the product to: 'Remove Mobile Landline from... your websites and any other marketing material and amend any customer proposals.'

It also told distributors to 'communicate this information to your stockists'.

The email added: 'In order to provide an uninterrupted service to our customers, we've moved to an interim offering.'

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