Indies could get into home devices market

Indies could get into home devices market
Independent dealers could tap into the emerging 'home devices' market and lower the risk of being 'edged out' altogether, according to HSC business director Bob Sweetlove.

Networks restrict consumer products and services to 'only certain channels', and independent mobile retailers need a strategy that will allow them to grow their businesses despite this, Sweetlove said in a blog on the HSC website.

The 'connected home', where devices such as TVs and games consoles communicate with each other via a network, is a strategy that LG, Samsung and Nokia are already involved in.

Sweetlove told Mobile: 'Traditionally, dealers have been left out. What can they do to differentiate and move into new areas?'

He added: 'Carphone Warehouse are doing this [home networks] on a large scale but the dealer could do it on a local level.'

The blog said: 'With many homes happily using Wi-Fi for their home computing requirements, there is the potential to expand this home network to enhance communication and access to music and video among other home content.

'With a small investment in digital storage and routing equipment we could very quickly transform our homes into modern media centres that are managed by remote controls. Wouldn't it be great to get a local specialist to pop round to your house to show you what could be done and how?'

Sweetlove added: 'It's purely an idea - mobile dealers are being edged out and have either closed down or gone into franchise schemes. Is this something for the future of mobile? Can we bring in the networks?'

The blog said: 'Carphone are certainly looking into it with their Wireless World rollout so there is a template to work towards.'
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