HTC caught short by massive demand for HD2 smartphone

HTC caught short by massive demand for HD2 smartphone

Unexpected demand for the HTC HD2 in the b2b space has caught HTC by surprise.

Dealers report they have had difficulty sourcing the HD2 for b2b customers since the New Year.

HTC has seen sales of the HD2 smartphone soar well above predicted levels, since it launched in November last year.

One distribution source said at the beginning of March: ‘Everybody we deal with has been asking for stock and there are just not enough devices out there. The shortage has been getting worse over the last three weeks. We are being inundated with calls and every single scrap is getting picked up.’

UK chief executive Jon French confirmed HTC has had problems keeping up with demand for the HD2.

He told Mobile that HTC had underestimated the strength of demand in the b2b sector for the device: ‘I have to hold my hands up to that one. It is fair comment. We saw a huge uptake following the product launch in November and we were struggling to keep up with demand. There was a massively strong demand for the HD2.’

He added that the problem has been addressed and that HTC is now ‘building to demand’.

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