Dealers: Orange's new tariffs are 'simple'

Dealers: Orange's new tariffs are 'simple'
Dealers said Oranges business tariff overhaul would simplify the market
and create a level playing field for the channel.

The dealer community has been anticipating changes since a dealer conference, which took place in central London in March, when the operator introduced a new tiered structure to its indirect channel.

One dealer said: 'The new tariffs look a bit different and they are definitely a lot simpler and a lot more defined. They have re-introduced no minimum call charge and there is no sharer limit. They told us that there would be changes happening to the business plans'.

Another dealer said: 'Being able to change benefits month to month will be a massive help it is a very nice idea'.

Orange sales director Steve Heald told Mobile in February that the operator was looking at ways of tackling in-house retention teams poaching dealers customers. Both indirect and direct sales channels will now be offering the same propositions.

One dealer said: 'The fact that everyone has access to the same deals means that Orange is creating a level playing field for dealers. Its what we have been waiting for a long time. It is only a positive thing and shows real commitment to the dealer channel'.
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