GK Telecom launches new Sim product

GK Telecom launches new Sim product
3 distributor GK Telecom has launched a new product, MagicKode, in conjunction with the network.

MagicKode is aimed at customers making international calls from their mobiles. It allows customers to make international calls costing from 3p a minute by dialling a prefix code.

The call rates have been negotiated with 3 to allow customers who use the
service to make cheaper calls without the need to swap their Sim card.

GK Telecom financial director Atul Patel said: ‘MagicKode was born out of years of experience in the international travel calling market. It was important to us to develop a product that made full use of our existing products and services, and of 3’s exceptional roaming networks, to create a product that means maximum reliability but minimum charges for our customers. MagicKode is the result.’

GK Telecom held a 3 dealer conference on 27 May in Coombe Abbey, Coventry.
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