Gillespie and Fitzpatrick to head up 3 solo distributor, Activ Telecom

Gillespie and Fitzpatrick to head up 3 solo distributor, Activ Telecom

Former Fone Logistics MD Ian Gillespie and financial director Michael Fitzpatrick will head up dealership Activ Telecom’s 3 business.

Fitzpatrick sold Fone Logistics to Daisy for £3.6m today (10 June), but prior to the sale Activ Telecom bought the 3 business from Fone Logistics for an undisclosed sum.

Gillespie and Fitzpatrick were registered as directors of the company on 1 June.

Activ Telecom, a dealership based in Northumberland, will now start distributing 3 airtime with Gillespie and Fitzpatrick at the helm.

Daisy-owned Anglia will oversee the rest of Fone Logistics’ business and connections, but dealers connecting 3 will work with Activ Telecom.

Meanwhile, Daisy will help Gillespie and Fitzpatrick with day to day business until they have set up an infrastructure.

Fitzpatrick said: ‘Two things have happened: Fone Logistics have sold the 3 operation to Ian and I. And, Fone Logistics has been sold to Daisy. Until Ian and I have set up an infrastructure, Daisy will be helping out with 3 day to day.’

Talking about only connecting 3, Fitzpatrick said: ‘We think it is a really good opportunity, it is a good network and we work closely with them. We have had very good success with 3 b2b connections and we will carry on in the mobile industry but will just focus on 3.’

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