O2 refreshes business tariffs mid quarter

O2 refreshes business tariffs mid quarter
O2 is making a raft of changes to its business tariffs and bolt ons – the second of its kind this quarter.

The commercial pack detailing the changes, sent out to partners late last week, is O2’s second refresh this quarter. The changes, which will come into effect on 30 July, see the launch of Business Share 500, a ‘new entry level sharer tariff’.

The majority of the refresh will affect business tariffs launched earlier in the year. O2 partners are still able to sell 2008 tariffs until the end of the year, but the price reductions will not be applicable.

O2 head of partners Maggie Kennedy said an the email announcement sent with the pack: ‘In summary we’re launching three new tariffs and three new Text Bolt Ons and reducing the price of Business Single Unlimited, our Business Share tariffs and our Minute Bolt Ons.’

O2 will also reduce the price of Business Single Unlimited and all Business Share tariffs and minute bolt ons, and is introducing three new text bolt ons of 1,000, 2,000 and 5,000.

The operator has created a ‘BlackBerry Single’ tariff aimed at competing with consumer offerings. The BlackBerry Single tariffs are described as ‘new stripped back tariffs to compete alongside consumer-centric propositions’.

The operator is also launching data bolt ons at a flat rate of £4.26 across platforms including BIS, iPhone, smartphone and the web.

Kennedy said in her email: ‘I’m confident that these changes will help us to continue to attract and retain high value customers. You can still sell the 2008 tariffs until the end of the year, but in many cases these improved 2010 tariffs offer better value, especially for those customers choosing data. Which is now two thirds of new customers and 50% of our existing base. I believe that the new £4.26 price point will help us remain competitive and to get more customers using voice and data.’

An O2 spokeswoman added: ‘We can confirm that we are refreshing some of our business tariffs in the coming weeks. We’re always looking for ways to help our SME customers survive and thrive in these economic times. Customer feedback indicated that SMEs wanted more flexibility in being able to share tariffs, and – naturally – even better value for money on monthly subscriptions.

‘So we’ve introduced more levels, with more choice and more flexibility which will allow SMEs to find the tariff which exactly suits them without spending any more.

‘SMEs also told us they wanted simple, transparent pricing for data, so we’ve introduced a single monthly rate for all data bolt ons. This will make it easy for our business customers to anticipate costs and check their bills. We’re offering new levels which give customer more choice than ever.

‘This also give our partners a broader range of prices so that they can make an almost bespoke offering to SME customers’.

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