Fone Logistics to run O2 landline workshops

Fone Logistics to run O2 landline workshops
Fone Logistics will be running workshops in partnership with its dealers to promote O2’s landline product.

The workshops will be ‘customer facing’ and are aimed at raising awareness of the product and underlining the importance of customer retention.

Fone Logistics, which is organising the events, will aim to create a national awareness of the product alongside a team from O2.

Fone Logistics marketing director Julien Parven said: ‘Fone Logistics is an advocate of all things O2, and having fully understood the significance of the O2 Landline proposition, it became something I wanted to champion.

‘We have taken this step to engage with a number of partners to help them bring the proposition to life and to help achieve an additional revenue line into their businesses.’

He added: ‘This is a prime example of how Fone Logistics can use its marketing resources to support partners and bring a real value to them. Our view of marketing support is as much delivering bottom line benefit as it is running more traditional promotions and incentives.’

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