CWU criticises ‘sustained slimming’ of Vodafone workforce

CWU criticises ‘sustained slimming’ of Vodafone workforce
The Communications Workers Union (CWU) has criticised Vodafone’s ongoing cost cutting programme after plans to close its Banbury call centre emerged this week.

The closure of the Banbury call centre will result in the loss of 400 jobs. However, 200 new jobs will be created in the Newark, Stoke and Didsbury call centres.

The CWU, which represents people across the telecommunications industry, said it was concerned about Vodafone’s growing use of outsource companies, adding that the latest incident is not ‘an isolated announcement’.

CWU deputy general secretary Andy Kerr said: ‘Obviously this is really bad news for staff working in the Banbury call centre, but this isn’t an isolated announcement. In March, Vodafone announced 375 job losses and since then there’s been a recruitment freeze and continuous attrition as people leave the business.’

‘We’re particularly concerned by the growing use of outsource companies by Vodafone which inevitably have lower pay and conditions for staff. Coupled with the job losses this adds up to a sustained slimming down of Vodafone’s direct workforce. Are we going to see a situation where Vodafone is little more than a brand with an arms-length relationship with staff, services and customers?’

Kerr also pointed to the Government’s emphasis on the private sector creating jobs and said the CWU believes Vodafone has ‘a role to play in providing secure, rewarding jobs, not cutting and outsourcing’.

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FYI the CWU are not Vodafone's union. The only union to ever gain any recognition in any section of Vodafone was Connect (now part of Prospect).
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