HTC pledges equal focus on Windows Phone 7 and Android devices

HTC pledges equal focus on Windows Phone 7 and Android devices

HTC will focus equally on developing Windows Phone 7 and Android smartphones, said HTC's executive director Jon French.

Speaking to Mobile following  HTC’s launch of five Microsoft Windows 7 phones this week, he said: ‘The perception has been that our focus was on Android, particularly as it has been much more in the consumer’s eye than our Microsoft devices, which were largely in the B2B space. But we have been working with Microsoft for many years and have worked with Microsoft on this latest platform so we are very much equally focused on both platforms.’

French said HTC’s launch of five Microsoft products had taken some industry players by surprise.‘Microsoft Phone 7 is a big play for us. It is much bigger than people expected from us but we generally think it is a really good experience. I think the platform is unique, particularly in what it can do around Mazoo and Xbox. It stands up to any other platform out there.’

French said Microsoft had ‘gone back to the drawing board’ in developing Windows Phone 7 OS. He said: ‘It is a cultural change in the way they develop the software – from how it is used to who is using it. You can see that thinking in the devices themselves.’

French said HTC’s Windows Phone 7 portfolio is aimed at a broad church. He predicted: ‘It will appeal to people who already use Microsoft devices, to enterprise users wanting to use it for its office functions, to men, to women, to older users and to first time smartphone users because it is so simple to use and that simplicity is partly the reason we developed so many Windows Phone 7 devices.’

French said HTC has firmly stamped its brand on its Windows Phone 7 devices, despite not being able to overlay the platform.

‘Obviously we can’t drill down into the substructure as we can with Sense but we have our own hubs such as Time and Weather, so our phones look and feel very much like HTC devices.'

He added: 'We may not be recreating a unique DNA but we are taking common features and putting them on our devices with regards to the user experience which marks HTC.’

French said HTC will be launching its ‘biggest marketing campaign ever’ to promote the Windows Phone 7 portfolio in the next few weeks.

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