Executive vox pops on Windows Phone 7

Executive vox pops on Windows Phone 7

HTC executive director Jon French: ‘Microsoft Phone 7 is a big play for us. It is much bigger than people expected from us but we generally think it is a really good experience. I think the platform is unique, particularly in what it can do around Mazoo and Xbox. It stands up to any other platform out there.’

O2 UK handset portfolio manager Ben Bevins: ‘O2 has the exclusive on the HTC HD7 across Europe – we are going to have the biggest screen on the market. We are giving our customers a full amount of choice. We are not just the home of the ‘A’ word, we are the home of smartphone devices.’

Microsoft director of mobile business group Alex Reeve: ‘We will measure our success firstly in people loving using our product. We have a great eco system of partners today, and that is what Microsoft is all about. We are about creating a really good operating system across a range of devices.’

Vodafone head of terminals marketing Nuno Taviera:
‘This is very exciting for us, as it increases Vodafone’s smartphone portfolio. We want to give the best smartphone offers to our customers.’

LG UK general manager Jim Michel: ‘We have had this relationship with Microsoft for a couple of years. No one knows how many platforms there will be in the future. Microsoft have done the right thing and have got huge backing from a lot of the key vendors and customers.’
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