Tom Alexander embraces Microsoft vision

Tom Alexander embraces Microsoft vision
Windows Phone 7 will offer more choice to customers and allow the operator to customise the experience, according to Everything Everywhere CEO Tom Alexander.

The Everything Everywhere chief exclusively told Mobile: ‘Microsoft is just like Apple and the launch is really significant. To add to the number of operating systems is a leap forward.

‘The whole smartphone concept was very new but it is now really necessary, especially for the youth market. It’s all about having a smartphone – just having a mobile is not good enough.

‘A lot of people want something flash and different. Microsoft is a different choice and we are going to get lots of new customers, especially from the youth market.’

At the launch of Windows Phone 7, Alexander said: ‘Everything is very much about the smartphone.

'We are very pleased to be here supporting Microsoft today. We think Windows Phone 7 is about making everything in the palm of your hand possible. It is very different, intuitive, and very simple. It is going to be really important to capture the imagination of the consumer and very easy to capture more than voice and text.’

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