Microsoft launches new smartphone assault

Microsoft launches new smartphone assault

Microsoft launched its assault on the UK mobile market this week with a new mantra – ‘the customer is king’.

The software giant made the assertion after unveiling Windows Phone 7 on 11 October with the backing of some of the biggest names in the industry.

Microsoft president of mobile communications business Andy Lees said that the company understood it needed to change and ‘decided [it] would stop everything and hit a huge reset’.

He said: ‘We took a fundamental decision to be accountable for the whole experience. Our internal mantra is “the customer is king”. We wanted to give customers the ability to do everything they love on their phones, but easier.’

Microsoft, which is launching a £10m marketing campaign in the UK, has unveiled six handsets across all five operators.

Orange is the launch operator for the new platform, but Lees stressed the importance of all the operators in the UK market.

He said: ‘We need to work closely with the operators. They are responsible for ranging, marketing and servicing customers. They are more than just a pipe – they also provide sales and service.’

Everything Everywhere CEO Tom Alexander said being part of the Microsoft launch ‘gives us an opportunity to be at the heart of the smartphone revolution.’

Meanwhile, technophile Stephen Fry made a surprise appearance at the Microsoft event and said: ‘You have to be very stony hearted not to welcome a new player. I am all for that, I want biodiversity in this market. The more players, the more it drives creativity and innovation.’

All five operators were present at the launch in London, along with manufacturers HTC, Samsung, LG and Dell.

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