Vodafone UK launches One Net Express for small businesses

Vodafone UK launches One Net Express for small businesses

Vodafone UK launched Vodafone One Net Express today (15 October), a service which allows small businesses to merge landline and mobile calls, so customers can get through no matter what number they dial.

The new service means all landline and mobile calls go through to one phone, so business people never miss a call. Businesses can have multiple geographic numbers, allowing them to advertise a local number irrespective of where they are based.

One Net Express, a simplified version of Vodafone’s One Net converged product, brings landline and mobile calls together on one intelligent network. Businesses will also have access to management features such as help with controlling calls, creating ‘hunt groups’ where a call gets routed to multiple people, single voicemail and an automated switchboard.

Peter Boucher, enterprise marketing director for Vodafone UK, told Mobile that the company was pushing four key sales messages for customers. ‘You never miss a business call again, as the fixed number reroutes to mobile; we believe it saves 20% on communication costs; it takes out a lot of complexity - small businesses want to concentrate on running their business, not running a telephone service; and it means you can be local even when you are not.’

Boucher explained that the key difference between One Net and One Net Express is that with One Net a DSL line is installed. The phones may look like fixed-line phones, but they integrate mobile and VoIP calls. One Net Express is a completely mobile offering. The number looks like a fixed line to callers, but is routed through to a business mobile.

Boucher said: ‘We think One Net Express is a good place for our Silver partners to start. It is much simpler to sell and install than One Net.’

He added that Vodafone’s retail stores and telesales channel would also sell One Net Express. ‘If they have a lead from a larger customer, however, they will redirect the deal to an indirect partner or to our direct team,’ said Boucher.

One Net is giving Vodafone a good level of differentiation in the market, according to Boucher. ‘The innovation is really helping, as it gives us a brand new calling card instead of just trying to compete with the other networks on price and handsets. It is not only something that we can roll out to existing customers, but we see it as something that will attract new customers. It will give us the leverage to drive up our market share in the enterprise market.’

Vodafone is promoting the new offering heavily. ‘It will be our largest campaign this year,’ said Boucher. ‘It’s a multi-million pound campaign and we will evolve and build on this.’

Vodafone has also announced today that it has connected its one millionth One Net user. One Net is already commercially available in Spain, Italy, the Czech Republic and Portugal.

‘Spain and Italy are the power houses for this proposition,’ said Boucher. ‘There has been a massive take up there. We’ve been working on this for three years in Spain and Italy. It just keeps accelerating and now in both Spain and Italy it is the majority proposition for the business market.


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