Three reveals most visited websites on mobile broadband

Three reveals most visited websites on mobile broadband
Three has published statistics about mobile broadband usage showing that Facebook is the most popular website visited by its customers.

Social gaming website was second most visited website, followed by, and

The operator carried almost 2,500 terabytes of data (2.5 million Gb) across its mobile broadband network in June this year.

Three claims to have the largest share of the UK mobile broadband market – at around 35%.

Three’s director of mobile broadband, Joe Parker, said: ‘We’d expect to see a difference in usage patterns between fixed and mobile Internet access, but the dominance of social gaming is particularly surprising.

‘It shows that, for many, keeping up to date with friends or regular gameplay on the move is now more important than accessing their emails via Hotmail or watching online videos.

‘The volumes of data we’re looking at shows the importance of mobile broadband as an internet access channel – with nearly seven terabytes of Facebook data being generated in just one month.’
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