HTC launches ‘here’s an idea’ campaign

HTC launches ‘here’s an idea’ campaign
Manufacturer HTC has revealed a multi-million pound marketing campaign in the run up to christmas.

The marketing campaign is running across the whole of EMEA with a new tag line ‘here’s an idea’.

The marketing activity will take place across all forms of media including TV, print and online.

HTC European marketing head Vladimir Malugin said: ‘We are building on what we have done with the “YOU” campaign which we rolled out at the end of 2009 and have successfully driven brand awareness with.’

The new marketing campaign will have two areas of focus – specific products and HTC Sense.

Malugin said: ‘The “YOU” campaign was about putting consumers and people at the centre and all about personalization. It was about how all the things you do on a phone and how the phone revolves around the person you are trying to communicate with.’

However, the new campaign will very much focus on innovation in HTC’s products and through Sense.

‘With ‘here’s an idea’ we want to tell consumers the story of a series of different innovations we are building into our products. These are innovations consumers have picked out as the most exciting ones. We are trying to tell the story of our innovations and how they are applicable.’

HTC has recently launched two new handsets, the HTC Desire HD and HTC Desire Z, both on the Android platform and compatible with a service which allows users to control their handsets remotely.
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